Day 4: I was able to do a good progress on my mini thesis and I was able to cook for my free time. I love cooking, it’s one hell of a distraction and relaxation.

Day 5: I got my sheets printed for checking at a really low price at Microcadd! Hehe

Day 6: Had lunch with good friends at Yellow Cab for Renz’s thesis celebration! Thanks bb! Then I went to Pole Cats that night since I really was guilty for all the pizza I ate.

Day 7: Big Break

Yesterday! For the first time I get to try TRX! It was hell tiring, 'di ko inexpect!! But it was fun! I would definitely go back. Plus our coach, Stephen, set-up the pole so I can demo tricks, and for the first time, I got a stable one hand plank :’)

Also was able to receive Celeng’s V-day gift, peanut brittle with awesome message inside. Hahahaha.

Then me, Maan, Ken, Anj and Kath went for dinner at Cibo, Shangri-la Plaza, had milk tea and cream puffs! Finally found a haven of cream puffs…if you haven’t noticed guys I love those bad boys…

Thank you guys from getting me out of the mini thesis hellhole! You are the best.

Day 2: Workout and Cravings

Earlier this day, I went to Pole Cats to have pole classes. I came 20 minutes late for the Beginners Class so I joined the Mixed Level instead. I enjoyed the session because I got to do new tricks, and is slowly learning to recover by myself from cross ankle; and basically, pole makes me happy. Pole Cats is my happy place. :)

I also was able to eat my 3-day craving, siomai! Arki Vickie serves only the special one, and I personally do not prefer that (delish, but cholesterol). Sobrang sarap ugh.

Also was able to buy Valentine’s gift for my girlfriends already. Such a feeling making some people happy.

This is such a happy day tho I was stood up on a date. Haha!

Day 1. Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed.

I am starting this project to help me see through better lenses the things I should be happy and thankful for, especially now that I have been quite sad and stressed.

Being single doesn’t really mean having a boring V-day for me, at least. I am thankful for my girlfriends (a.k.a. automatic boyfriends) for keeping me company and for being the instant “dates.” Hehe.

I also had a fun time with UPCLAS! I love you guys kahit buong mukha ko, pati damit ko, may icing. Haha! You’re the best.

Also felt good helping, I was happy to help my bebe Renz with her model, kahit k’onti lang. I am always here for moral support (and to all my other favorite thesis girls. Date after your submissions, okay?) Sorry I cannot help you na, #minithesis. 

And I was really touched in UPCLAS’ E.B.A.K. game.

Red: I  find you really attractive; Yellow: I like you; Green: I wish to know you better; Violet: You inspire me.

Self esteem +3000 sa dami nung red papers. I am also happy to inspire some, and I appreciate the ones who like me and wishes to know me better. I’ll strive to inspire you more.

Capped the day with a heavy dinner with my ladies (minus Celeng) plus Ken at Food Camp. Sobrang busog with the nachos and the quarter pounder burger.

It was a day filled with sugar rush, fats, love, cheesiness, etc.

Thank you guys for always making me feel warm.


I haven’t been feeling fine. I guess I am depressed. I have noticed I have been thinking deep, far away from the present at most times. I cannot laugh at the same old shallow jokes I used to find joy in. My deadlines are really just unbelievable. Do they expect us to work all the time without taking the time off? I wonder.

Maybe I am just feeling so tired, and just cannot anticipate the taste of freedom next semester has for me; that for the first time in three years, I will be a normal student, with only but a few obligations,being academics the number one priority. 

So sorry guys if I have been serious, irritable, annoyed and annoying.

On being pressured and broken.

Lately I haven’t been feeling my best, haven’t been doing my best. Mostly because I am pressured; partly because I am broken.

Pressure on the academics and extra-curricular work hasn’t been this great, since… I don’t know. It’s been hard juggling the creation of a good mini thesis while handling the local college council’s final (maybe, even biggest) event, not even mentioning my org projects, together with some other personal self-fulfillment projects.

No, I am not trying to be the role model of the modern day feminism.

Maybe I just did put so much on my plate; maybe I’m trying to prove something to myself, or some other self; HECK MAYBE I’M REALLY JUST WORKAHOLIC, and I love it.

But lately the workload and great pressure have put me into a really distracting position. Most of the time I’ve been thinking how to handle everything, and handle them fine, mostly I’m thinking of ways and strategies, I have been thinking so much, in turn, been doing less. I’m distracted of the many things I have to do, of the many things I want to do.

I am overwhelmed.

Maybe I should stop thinking and start doing.

Yet, I can only blame so much on the pressure. Lately I have been feeling needy. Maybe it’s a part of the stress package, but it’s really dragging me.

I miss having a constant companion. I miss not being this independent (not that I’m saying it is a bad thing). I miss having that one person who you can always try something new with, do some old things with…

I miss having warm hugs instead of snuggy sweaters. Those lazy afternoons watching movies between the sheets, and still be able to call it a perfect day.

I enjoy my own company. Hell I can, and am willing to try things by myself… it’s just that it’s more fun having that someone around to spike any ordinary occasion into a special event.

I don’t know. Maybe I miss the idea. Maybe I miss the idea of the old one. Maybe I miss him.

Maybe it’s just stress.

"You’re the coolest girl I know…" "There’s really something in you I find irresistible." "I really admire how you’ve become so independent." Well, I miss you.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m starting to like you. I think you are amazing, and it’s funny how we get along. I am unsure of what’s going on, but I know I enjoy what’s happening, I enjoy your company, our talks. I want to start this right, if there’s anything that’s gonna start. I want to take this slow. I want to get to know you.

It’s been almost seven years since I had my first pet cat. We haven’t had one before. My dad’s colleague gave them to him, and with some consideration, he accepted them, thinking they will be housed for only a few weeks then will be given away.

Milo had a sister we named Daphne (we’re bad in naming them, sorry). They were a week old when we got them, but Daphne died a few days after their arrival.

I found Milo too adorable to be abandoned. I fed him, cleaned his dirt, even cooked meals for him (I had a cat food cookbook, huhu), I bathed him. I felt like I am his mother, and having him was like a fulfillment of every girl’s little doll fantasy.

Milo is a sweet alpha male cat. A few years ago, he had decided to leave, but not for good. He wanted to live outside, not confined in a house with no other of his kind, and with no nature that surrounds him. We let him, as we trust he’d always come back, and he does.

I had been busy. With academics, work, etc. I haven’t noticed he hasn’t come back for more than a month now. Milo has been obviously becoming old, his battle scars are all evident on the stretch of his body. Maybe he is now gone.

Just the thought brings me to tears.

I hope he comes back soon enough, or I just wish he’s happy and at rest.

I hope I had been a good owner to him.

Bebeboy, mamagirl will always love you (yes, ‘yon tawag ko sa kaniya). *tears* 

Someone’s been growing on me lately.